Professional and business networking can be really exciting. You’re getting out there and letting people know you exist and you’re marketing your business. In your mind your goal is to come across valuable to every person you meet. But what you don’t realize that you may be telling people too much information.

I have personally experienced with revealing too much information. I was having a discussion with someone that could be considered a competitor and didn’t realize that all the name dropping I was doing ended up inspiring him to attempt to replicate my work. Needless to say, I was really upset. At first, I was upset that the trust that I thought had been established was instantly broken. Then I realized that it was all MY fault. I’m the one that puked up my trade secrets! Now, I’m a lot more careful.

Remember that revealing too much information about your great idea, how you conduct business or that you are looking for a job even though you are still employed can be destructive. Also remember that there is a difference between first impressions and trust. Impressions are established within 30 seconds. Trust take a lot more time and definately more that you have at a networking event.


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