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LinkedIn is Killing “Answers”

LinkedIn Points Users to Groups, Polls and Influencers for Answers

LinkedIn to Retire Answers

LinkedIn to Retire Answers

On the heels of the removal of 3rd party applications like SlideShare, WordPress, BlogLink, TripIt and others, LinkedIn, a professional social network with over 200 million users worldwide, is retiring their “Answers” product on January 31, 2013. Answers has been a staple of the professional network ever since I became a member in October of 2007. It was how I discovered new people with similar interests and as well as thought leaders. I have used Answers a number of times to discover solutions and gain perspective on important issues. Others have used it to locates resources for their business or professional career. I have met a number of very interesting people through LinkedIn Answers. In my opinion, it’s where every new user should begin to build additional branches to their existing network.

In an email I received from LinkedIn, they encouraged further use of their Groups, Polls and Influencers products. These three products are not a replacement for Answers and this will only limit the perceived value of the answers you receive. How many times has it been said that we need to have an outsider’s perspective on a question? Asking a question using LinkedIn Answers was a way to reach people outside of your network. It was a reliable product people could turn to. LinkedIn users know that when they ask question in a group, especially a large group, their question could be buried by the obscene amount of articles or other discussions that look more like promotions.

I’m interested to see which direction LinkedIn is going. If they are heading down the human capital route, which includes the migration of professionals from job to job, then they risk alienating all those members that are small business owners that have no use for their recruiting tools and no way to quickly find answers to important issues that face them every day.

Update: In an interview with Reid Hoffman by Charlie Rose, the co-founder of the professional network was asked by Rose to define LinkedIn. Hoffman said, “LinkedIn is a tool for solving professional task.” Is they straying from this?

11/21/2017 Update: Since the removal of the Answers product, users have expanded their use of Groups, creating long-form posts, publish video, and use status updates to reach beyond first-degree connections. What you may not be aware of is, but LinkedIn’s expanded use of machine learning (ML) to promote comment viral updates shared by users has been making an impact on who gets to see your status updates. This is why it continues to be important to expand your networking to increase your reach.

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One Comment

  1. Martin Brossman

    January 27, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    Thanks Greg for writing this and I want to share a link to the Question that I posted on LinkedIn (which will only be active till the end of the month) and include one of the answer that I found useful.
    Here is one of the more passionate answers:
    “Send the following message to everyone in your network and post this in every group you belong to.


    Linkedin is removing the Q&A Answer Feature at the end of January.
    You will no longer be able to post questions like the one you posted here or answer questions. Linkedin is getting rid of the entire feature.

    Every question, answer and comment ever posted in the q&a and archived for all to see will simply be removed and will disappear as if they never existed.

    All who ever volunteered their time and energy to answer q&a questions are being slapped in the face by the owners of Linkedin, who have never even once acknowledged those who give of their time, free of charge.

    If everyone reading this sends a message to Linkedin’s customer service inbox everyday and lets them know that we do not want the q&a answers forum eliminated, maybe they’ll listen.

    Click the HELP CENTER link at the bottom of this page.
    Then click the CONTACT US link.

    Compose and send your message of disapproval of Linkedin’s decision to remove the q&a.

    Encourage everyone in your network and within all the groups you belong to to contact Linkedin and tell them to save the q&a answers feature.

    Also, get on Facebook and Twitter and let others know to contact Linkedin and tell them to reverse this bad decision.

    Thank you. ”
    Dave Maskin

    Martin Brossman


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